Thursday, February 18, 2010

8014 Angel
[by S. David] [art by Kristina Carroll]

But she came
To earth
No it couldn’t
Have been on
A mission
From above
The God is
Not that cruel
No she must
Have come
On vacation
Fell in with
The wrong crowd
They must have
Converted her
Perverted her
Or was she
In reality
A human
A woman
Named ‘Angel’
On yes an Angel
Angel of
The Night
A sinning
Bitch who’ll
Spread and
Make you pay
To play
Or else
Or maybe
Just ‘or else’

33§ [Orig 10/27/09]

8016 The Last Sunset
[by S. David] [art by Kristina Carroll]

The flow
The thrumming
The drumming
In her body
In her arteries
In her veins
She had fallen
She had loved
In nightdark
His home
His dwelling
Heavy drapes
Had blocked
The day
The light
She had stayed
A night
A day
And the lust
The sex
Too powerful
Too much
Blind Lust
He was in her
And caresses
And kisses
Became nibbles
Became a bite
And she left
Into her
Last sunset
She would be
She now was

36§ [Orig 10/27/09]

8032 Separation
[by S. David] [art by Bayou Faiza]

The colors of life
The colors of memory
Not as if
It never was
The colors change
She looks back
What was warm
What was bright
Now blue
And life
They walked
So long
Treading no
Dancing on
The Spiral Path
Yellow bright
Red fire
And now
Alone in
Her thoughts
The colors

31§ [Orig 11/15/09]


Behind the Red Curtain 1
[by S. David] [art by Gregory Sanville]

Christ he was afraid
To really speak to her
Couldn’t open his heart
He knew her mother
Didn’t like him trust him
Worth a damn so before
They sat together on
The couch he went over
Pulled the red curtain open
Stepped back in amazed
Disgust sitting in the
Alcove behind the red
Curtain was her mother
He turned back to her
“Did you know” “No”
He took her arm said
“Let’s go let’s leave
Are you ready” and so
She left the house of
Her mother never turning
Back to see now there’s
Definitely a moral here
Somewhere if you
Find it out me know

24§ [Orig 2/05/07]