Wednesday, October 27, 2010

4346 AZ
[by S. David][art by Thor Lindeneg]

Life cages you in
From the beginning
Boundaries from ‘A’
To ‘Z’ Fate brings two
Together and you are
Begun and you are born
And the world is
Limitless for you
Do not know do
Not remember and
You grow and so
You begin then see
The boundaries
The limits and you
Seek to transcend
Your body why
Because you know
For this body there is
A ‘Z’ and you do not
Know you hope you
Believe that there are
Other alphabets other
Letters after ‘Z’

23§ [Orig 1/7/06]

8194 The Happy Whore of Babylon and the Antichrist
(True Love on the Eve of the Apocalypse)
[by S. David] [art by Carrie Ann Baade]

Lust turned
Well it happens but
Who would
How could
It be on
The eve
Of destruction
Of the Apocalypse
She luscious
Ripe using
Selling her
Body a high
Price and he
Servant of
A pagan’s hell
The Antichrist
Their world
In flood
In fire
Do they care
Do they see
Their eyes
In the other
They breathe
In the other
So do they care
Should they care
Their world ends
And it begins anew
Their eyes

36§ [Orig 2/22/10]

8251 The Plague, an Allegory about Dating
[by S. David][art by Carrie Ann Baade]

But she’s kissed
So many
Of them
So many
As if God
Had sent her
A plague
A plague
Of frogs
None of them
The prince
The stories
Her mother
Her friends
Had promised her
And still
They come
And she doesn’t
Poor little
Flower seeking
Escape from
The frogs
The boys
That surround
That pester her
She’s ready
To scream
For none
None have
Her test

33§ [Orig 3/23/10]

8294 Passage
[by S. David][art by Thor Lindeneg]

Always it seemed
She stood
In judgment
Even when
She wasn’t there
She was
She was and
She was waiting
For him
To put
Away his toys
Away his childhood
His favorite
Grow up
Rites of Passage
Leaving her
Leaving Mother
Letting her
Fade into
The woodwork
The structure
Of his beliefs

31§ [Orig 4/14/10]

6868 The Promise
[by S. David][art by Madeline von Foerster]

With the Turning
Of the Wheel
Is that not
The metaphor
Do you wish
The Weaving
Of the Tapestry
Or the Alpha
And the Omega
The promise is
Her beauty and
She is beautiful
Will change then
Wither and die
But if on her
Grave you plant
A tree then behold
Or verily it will
Grow a Tree of
Life and if along
Her way there was
A babe then life
Could be eternal

24§ [Orig 3/06/08]

3334 Self Portrait [2]
[by S. David][art by Madeline von Foerster]

Unmoving, staring off
Into space, where is she?
Doves stand before her,
She does not see.
A butterfly flitters
About her head, she
Does not see. Where
Is she, into what
Realm has her mind
Slipped away? And she
Is not happy with
Herself. Dreamily,
She stands behind
Herself, boring a hole
Into her own head.
Put or take,
In or out,
A pale ghost of
Herself seeks change
In herself,
Seeks a new becoming.
Always a becoming,
But into what?

23§ [Orig 4/17/05]

3362 Odin Exchanging His Eye for Wisdom [1]
[by S. David][art by Madeline von Foerster]

A high price
But worthwhile
He knew in the end
And he would
Understand all
He did it himself
To drink from
Mimir’s Horn
Made the bargain
Cemented the deal
An eye to drain
The Horn of Wisdom
A fair exchange

12§ [Orig 4/29/05]

3371 She Appealed to Me
[by S. David][art by Madeline von Foerster]

And He left or
Fell asleep or
Washed His Hands
Of Man.
This she knew
In the depths
Of her soul
And yet she
Continued her
Work in the
Cloistered place.

I knew her,
She appealed
To me, Loki.
So I sought
Her out,
Asked her why?

Her simple reply,
“In a desperate
Age, I toil not for
God but for change.”

I said then,
For she was
A beauty,
“Leave off then
And come be
With me.”

30§ [Orig 4/30/05]

8359 Sword of God
[by S. David] [art by Melinda McCarthy]

Lightning struck
Of iron
In the ground
So Thor Odin
Vulcan and
Others of
That ilk
May create
Endue endow
Naming names
Swords of
Passing through
Remaining in
Legends of
Then and

25§ [Orig 5/24/10]

8409 Jester or I Make Your Face
[by S. David] [art by Samuel Lightwing]

Come I shall
Amuse you
Dance behind
Your eyes
In your mind
Tease and trick
You so easy
I make
You face
Show thoughts
I wish
My trade
My stock
In trade
You laugh
In the end
You dance
To the tune
You see me
Dance to
My tune

26§ [Orig 7/13/10]

8267 Monk Dancing
[by S. David] [art by Peter DeCamp Haines]

Ah but
God calls
And he
He answered
God was
In his blood
A pounding
In his ears
His mind
Outside he
And to that
Music he
Must dance
A special dance
A dance
Of power
Of praise
His God
How he moves
To that music
He hears
He hears

29§ [Orig 3/30/10]

7932 Lubbriacodamore
[by S. David] [art by Visan Ioana Irina]

But he’s a fool
A believer
In love
Of all things
He falls easy
He falls hard
He falls often
Just a clown
Who has never
He drinks deep
Of the cup of love
Paying no
Attention to
It is love
He wants
Not a person
They’re too
They’re too
Fool clown

23§ [Orig 8/20/09]