Friday, January 23, 2009


Moderne Sklaveri
[by S. David] [art by Ilona van Hoek]

Whose damn it whose
What do you decry
What do you propose
I see him crawling
Under her dress and
What should that
Picture suggest
Which part of
The male female
Game or rather battle
Do you prefer is he
On command trying
To pleasure her and
Failing miserably
Or does this show her
Standing disgusted
While he gets his jollies
Or do you paint
Talking economically
But as I see wherever
You’re going you’re going

23§ [Orig 3/24/08]

Flaschengeist von Damals 2
[by S. David] [for Ilona van Hoek]

Why are you here now
It’s all of a piece so
I find a bottle a flask
And whoa smoke and light
And out you come useless
To me what else is new
Ok yes you are a genie
A hulking spirit from
A bottle nothing I say
Nothing goes right even
You you’re the Genie
Of Yesterday what can
You do for me show me
Pieces of my past show me
All the wrong decisions
I made I know them
Go away go back into
Your bottle bother me
Some other day

19§ [Orig 8/25/06]

Genie in the Bottle 2
[by S. David] [art by Ilona Van Hoek]

A visit to the beach
Holiday abroad
The Mediterranean
There is no
There is synchronicity
A walk down to
The sea and at my feet
A sealed old bottle
Of course who else
But me a tired man
Who understands
What I can set free
The pyramids
Ruined temples
On mountain sides
And under the sand
I know what this
Bottle is and I
Wonder I pick it up
Should I the burden
Is placed on me
I return with it
To my rented villa
Bring out to the patio
A full bottle of
Whisky and
Pop both corks

29§ [Orig 6/24/06]
The Oppression 1
[by S. David] [art by Ilona Van Hoek]

Silence and
The peace overwhelms
Look look closely
Do you seen them
Motionless wound
Poised on the brink
It is too quiet
Too peaceful
Too sane
Too something
It cannot hold
A spring coiled
Naked his mind
Contemplates what
A grenade pin pulled
In his hand No
The proper meditation
Is the trigger will she
She can will she
Ease the trembling
The darkness in
His mind she turns to
Her guide her guru
She could if she would
Oppression comes in
Too many forms
And all feel all know
The weight of their lives
And another still
Watches the silence
All is peaceful as
In the seconds before
A grenade explodes
A trigger is pulled
Will it will she

35§ [Orig 2/22/06]

Monday, January 19, 2009


[by S. David] [art by Karla Caprali]

It happened
We did it
Ended up in bed
What now
Where will it go
I’m worried
She seems
To have
More than
In her closet
Some downright
Strange things
Are in there
I guess
The only thing
For me to do
Is watch
See what
She lets out
Until I know
For sure
Yeah she’s
On probation
Funny usually
It’s me

26§ [Orig 11/09/07]

[by S. David] [art by Karla Caprali]

The woman
Is stone crazy
Beautiful yes
Graceful yes
But crazier than
A bungee jumper
In her life
Her relationships
She just dives in
Trusts in God
Or the Gods
To keep her safe
To protect her
She works
And so far
Has survived
It’s faith
Faith that
She has and
So far
It’s worked

25§ [Orig 11/12/07]

Erotic Web [Erotica 3]
[by S. David] [art by Karla Caprali]

No contradiction
A juxtaposition
Of toils and coils
A web of eroticism
Designed to drag me in
Patterned hose of erotic
Promise held up by
A corset offering views
Of attainable Heaven but
The sacred mons the holy
Of holies covered by sly
Sado-prudery a true
Cocktease I read you
Your whole erotic web
I see you and I know
How you want to make
Me captive cuff me in

17§ [Orig 3/6/07]

Erotica 1
[by S. David] [art by Karla Caprali]

Misnomer or
Wins out set for
Seduction very
And yet and yet
If I say ‘yes’ what
Will it mean for
The cuffs are ready
In her I see Heaven
I see the cost of
Flight for the moments
Of ecstasy a ‘come-
Hither I surrender and
You are my prisoner
For you for a price
I give up my prudery’
Erotica Hell no and
It isn’t an invitation
For sexual bondage
No it’s just the price
She will have from me

21§ [Orig 6/30/06]

Woman Complete 1
[by S. David] [art by Karla Caprali]

Every thing
From love to hate
And the viciousness
Melts into sweetness
Man you can’t
Understand and
That’s just the ‘why
It’s so’ so she makes
You breakfast before
She cuts your balls
Off and you don’t
Understand why
She gives you herself
Her heart and The Finger
How she prays for peace
Chants for serenity
And you get both and
The rant and the rave
Why she loves and
Pets the dog it’s all
There and the woman
With six faces and
Eight arms why she’s
A complete woman

24§ [Orig 6/28/06]


[by S. David] [art by Jake Nelson]

In my world
It works
At least
In my mind
Shootin’ pool
A good break
From the rack
Two left
Swimmin’ pool
Hot tub
And the ladies
The girls
Sittin’ on
Sittin’ by
The sides
Lookin’ right
For a night
Don’t blame me
For mixin’
My metaphors
Or any double
But I don’t miss
My balls don’t miss
Any pockets
And it’s
My dream

30§ [Orig 1/02/09]

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dragon Vision
[by S. David] [art by Alan F. Beck]

They always were
Magical creatures
And when there was
Still strong magic
In the world, they
Could do many thing
That no longer seem
To be possible for
Any human beings.
Well, in the so
Long ago, a very
Knowledgeable dragon
Mother wanted to see
What the future held
For her litter of
Offspring, so she
Conjured up a focusing
Orb to see what she
Could see. Her little
Ones begged her to
Please tell them of
Her vision but she
Had accidentally
Looked too far ahead
And could not believe
Her own vision. She saw
Dragonkind gone and
Strange looking little
Two-leggeds running
All over the world.
“Hah,” she thought,
Shrugging her vision off,
“Beings, calling
Themselves, ‘Human’?
So much for dragon
Vision! I’m seeing
A fantasy, a fairy tale!
Can I be expected to
Believe such nonsense?”

40§ [Orig 9/14/03]

The Mission 1
[by S. David] [art by Bruno Maldonado]

She hated them sometimes
Flying was fun and
Angels took real joy
In being able to zoom
Up and down without
Being seen but there
Were times when on
A mission when they
Got in the way and
This was going to be
One of those times
This mission The Mission
Was difficult enough
Who knows why he
Was going to be rewarded
She hadn’t been told only
To go and either just
Do it enjoy it or
Fall in love anyway
A mortal was to be
Rewarded with an Affair
With an Angel and
She was the one
What would it feel like

24§ [Orig 4/04/06]

Requiem 1
[by S. David] [art by Bruno Maldonado]

It wasn’t quite your usual death
Or even burial service she was beautiful
She was young she was Pagan
That was when she was alive it was
Murder the two of us had found
Her body in Old Lady Greener ‘s
Old house kids called the old lady
A witch and when she died
Her niece had gotten the house
Investigating we soon found out
She was strange herself not
Your usual Pagan but anyway
That was her body on the bed
Murdered at first we thought
It was a rape gone wrong
But she looked quite peaceful
Her face even had a hint of a smile
It was my partner that noticed
The pair of puncture marks
On her neck and the M.E. found
What looked like claw marks
On her back and rump anyway
It was a very strange looking
Cousin that claimed her body
That night and two nights later
Led the Funeral Service my partner
And I both went and went also to
The Requiem Service the next night
Which though Pagan was also strange
Only the Dark Side was recognized
My partner and I follow the Light

31§ [Orig 3/23/06]

Una Diosa Relegada 1
[by S. David] [art by Bruno Maldonado]

Mother church
Didn’t approve
Matter of fact

She totally
And went so far
As to persecute
Purge even burn
Those who kept
To the old ways
So the Believers
Into remote places
Mountain strongholds
Or kept the Way
Very secret and
The outlawed Gods
And Goddesses
Went on vacation
They wouldn’t fight
The white Christ
Or the Prophet’s
Followers a few
Stayed around just
Didn’t encourage
Their own to fight
But Her She couldn’t
Leave took to being
Accepted in other
Ways she was always
Worshipped in
The Night anyway
Besides She’s making
A public come back
Loves high heels
Has a huge collection
Won’t stay on

Her back
Or relegated
To back pages
Back rooms

41§ [Orig 6/23/06]

May I Go Out and Play?
[by S. David] [art by Alan F. Beck]

I guess it isn’t
Only furry non-human
Babies that are
Adorable and cuddly,
Even baby dinosaurs
And dragons can be.
Especially when they’re
Doing what all young
Seem to do, wheedle
Their way from an adult.
Well, mommy was as
Fierce looking as
Anyone would expect
A green winged dragon
To be, when up flutters
One of her little ones
Asking the soon-to-be
Ages old question,
“May I go out and play?”
Now, what’s a mother to do?
What’s a mother to say?

21§ [Orig 9/14/03]

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Wizardtree 1
[by S. David] [art by Alan F Beck]

Time time
He was running
Out of time
He had not found
The philosopher’s
Stone of legend
But he had created
An incantation
That would slow
Drastically his aging
Not perfected yet
But he was running
Out of time and
And it was time
Drawn from different
Archaic grimores
With many different
Ingredients he began
The working felt
Himself stiffening
A last chant
And he could not
Move but time time

24§ [Orig 5/14/06]

She 3
[by S. David] [art by Evgueni Tonevitski]

I sat across
From her
The intensity
With which
Went about
Her work
Her studying
No thoughts
Of this may
Or that
Just enjoying
The complex
Of expressions
Her face
I realized
I’m choosy
Even so
On whom
I feast
My eyes
Then of course
Her boyfriend
Walked in
Oh well

28§ [Orig 12/10/08]

Friday, January 9, 2009

Memory #4
[art by Evgueni Tonevitski]

I have
No pictures
Of her
I can
Only wish
My memory
Yes I can
See beauty
But it could
be any
In my past
But I remember
Yes I remember
Most of all
And probably
Only truly
Her lips
How sweet
They tasted

22[orig 1/06/09]