Sunday, January 11, 2009


Requiem 1
[by S. David] [art by Bruno Maldonado]

It wasn’t quite your usual death
Or even burial service she was beautiful
She was young she was Pagan
That was when she was alive it was
Murder the two of us had found
Her body in Old Lady Greener ‘s
Old house kids called the old lady
A witch and when she died
Her niece had gotten the house
Investigating we soon found out
She was strange herself not
Your usual Pagan but anyway
That was her body on the bed
Murdered at first we thought
It was a rape gone wrong
But she looked quite peaceful
Her face even had a hint of a smile
It was my partner that noticed
The pair of puncture marks
On her neck and the M.E. found
What looked like claw marks
On her back and rump anyway
It was a very strange looking
Cousin that claimed her body
That night and two nights later
Led the Funeral Service my partner
And I both went and went also to
The Requiem Service the next night
Which though Pagan was also strange
Only the Dark Side was recognized
My partner and I follow the Light

31§ [Orig 3/23/06]

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