Friday, April 16, 2010

The Return of the Cheshire Cat
[by S. David] [art by Jacques Tange]

It grew back
Into its smile
One fine afternoon,
In the fall, as I
Lay napping in
The sun. It rubbed
Against my side
And I half awoke.
“Well, well! What
Are you doing here?”
I asked, not really
Fully seeing.“I
Came for a visit
To see how you’re
Seeing life these days”
It replied. “Nuts!
Are you back with
Silly or sage
Advice, crossing
Again from fantasy
To reality,
Just to bother me?”
“Yep.” He said,
As he began
To fade away.

20§ [Orig 7/7/05]

[by S. David] [art by Drew Tal]

True believer
True believer
There is no doubt
There cannot be
This is the world
Your world
There is no other
There cannot be
And the God
Sent down
His messenger
His hunting bird
His speaking bird
Bird of prophecy
Bird of what
Must be
And the God
Called you
Unto Him
And spoke
“For I want you
To come to me
A guarantee
For your people
Before your people
On their behalf
Bring yourself
Ascend to me”
And in the temple
The people watched
The pointed knife
In his hands
Set his spirit
From his body

36§ [Orig 3/27/10]

The Believer
[by S. David] [art by Drew Tal]

And it is
As he was told
As he read
The Prophet
Has Sealed
The Truth
He does not
Have faith
He believes
He knows
The Truth
The One Truth
The Only Truth
Look upon
His face
He is

17§ [Orig 3/18/08]

Legs 3
[by S. David] [art by David Vigon]

You see there’s no
Like reality it’s the only
Way objectify objects
At times even only body
Parts there’s too little
Chance of human
Contact with so many
Of them so I see these
Legs walking down the street
I don’t even bother looking
Up to see the rest or
Certainly who might be
The top half of the loveliest
Pair of legs in a long time
Now do you understand

15§ [Orig 10/10/06]website under construction contact

Heartland 2
[by S. David] [art by Mike Cockrill]

The incantation
Worked well
It bound bonded
Her to a deep-rooted
Though barren tree
Turned her into
A conduit of
Malignant rumor
And gossip that
Issued forth from
Her mouth as pitch
Black carrion birds
To carry the odious
Messages across
The country’s
Heartland causing
Destruction riot and
Despair in their wake

18§ [Orig 3/13/06]

The Broken Fence
[by S. David] [art by Mike Cockrill]

Oh she knows
What she’s doing
She knows
Her friend’s
Younger brother
Is peeking too
It’s not
All innocence
Lying there
Dress falling
Down past
Nubile breasts
Rising up
To her waist
While she seems
To be flower
He’s ten
She’s twelve
The broken

27§ [Orig 2/17/09]

We’re All in Love 1
[by S. David] [art by Jacques Tange]

Sooner or later
One way or another
Someone Something
Takes and enters
Our hearts
But I speak to
Romance and
Romantic love
And the sighs and
The disappearing
Into the fantasies
We have of our love
And so she sat
Lunch break
Summer a rooftop
Lost in her dream
Of her lover
And the evening
To come

20§ [Orig 12/10/05]