Sunday, January 11, 2009


Una Diosa Relegada 1
[by S. David] [art by Bruno Maldonado]

Mother church
Didn’t approve
Matter of fact

She totally
And went so far
As to persecute
Purge even burn
Those who kept
To the old ways
So the Believers
Into remote places
Mountain strongholds
Or kept the Way
Very secret and
The outlawed Gods
And Goddesses
Went on vacation
They wouldn’t fight
The white Christ
Or the Prophet’s
Followers a few
Stayed around just
Didn’t encourage
Their own to fight
But Her She couldn’t
Leave took to being
Accepted in other
Ways she was always
Worshipped in
The Night anyway
Besides She’s making
A public come back
Loves high heels
Has a huge collection
Won’t stay on

Her back
Or relegated
To back pages
Back rooms

41§ [Orig 6/23/06]

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