Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dragon Vision
[by S. David] [art by Alan F. Beck]

They always were
Magical creatures
And when there was
Still strong magic
In the world, they
Could do many thing
That no longer seem
To be possible for
Any human beings.
Well, in the so
Long ago, a very
Knowledgeable dragon
Mother wanted to see
What the future held
For her litter of
Offspring, so she
Conjured up a focusing
Orb to see what she
Could see. Her little
Ones begged her to
Please tell them of
Her vision but she
Had accidentally
Looked too far ahead
And could not believe
Her own vision. She saw
Dragonkind gone and
Strange looking little
Two-leggeds running
All over the world.
“Hah,” she thought,
Shrugging her vision off,
“Beings, calling
Themselves, ‘Human’?
So much for dragon
Vision! I’m seeing
A fantasy, a fairy tale!
Can I be expected to
Believe such nonsense?”

40§ [Orig 9/14/03]

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