Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saga [part 1] 1
[by S. David] [art by Michael Cheval]

Attend! Hear! Obey!
Wyrd Sisters take up this decree!
Let Spirit animate flesh!
Let there be a new home
For this Soul!
Let it infuse a body!
Flood a mind!
Time and again
A new thread
In the tapestry
Another interweaving
Let this story commence
Let the saga continue

She haunts me still
She haunted me then
She haunts me now
This is a tale that
Does not will not
And perhaps cannot end
And we are both
Cursed to keep fragments
Of memories a scene
A cameo a moment
In time all interwoven
Into the linked tapestries
Of our Souls

From the high plains
Before the Sarasvati
Disappeared they came
And our first chapter
Was laid down she and I
And then across miles
And time our tale
Continues Pharonic Egypt
Many more centuries
The forests of Gaul
Again time now to
The North and Viking we
Still intersect interweave

39§ [Orig 12/02/05]

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