Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2183.2 La faim du tigre
[by S. David][art by Pierre Matter]

They had Eaten
The Apple,
That we know,
For It Was Written
And that God
Threw Them Out,
That too, was written
And a minor Godling,
Who played with
Bows and arrows
Would often
Shoot at one
Or the other,
That too was told us
And when an
Arrow struck him,
You could watch
Part of him
Reach for her.
It made no
Whether she
Hungered too or did
Not want him, for
She would always
Be a carrot
Was always ready,
Physically, for him, for
The Charmer, that devil
Had made it so
And the Godling,
Made sure no
Matter who the
Fool was, when
He blindly reached,
Even if she gave
Her heart,
She would eventually
Devour him;
For no matter
How strong the hunger
For the male,
It is always
The female who is…

45§ [Rev 4/17/04]

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