Wednesday, January 18, 2012

8872 Spaghetti to your Onion
[by S. David]

Can you hear
Can you hear
There are two parts
To this conversation
And it’s lame if we
Keep repeating the same
Thing over and again
Not a circle nor even
A spiral think rather
You are an onion and
I am a hard-nosed piece
Of spaghetti that gets
Lost and returns again
Again cutting through
Even traveling along
A layer’s edges I’m
Trying I’m trying to
Explain but it’s not
Always the same looking
Looking starting in the same
Place you’re my ground but
Which part of you I sometimes
Go a wandering but there’s so
Much in your world in mine I
Don’t always have a chance to
Revisit you is it a curse
A blessing do you want me
To always come back you’ve
Changed sometimes in my
Eyes sometimes your call
Starts you’re so strong in
In the same place but sometimes
Sometimes I’ve changed even
When hearing your call again
But this isn’t even all hello
Again new sauce eh

34§ [Orig 7/15/11]

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