Tuesday, February 28, 2012

8850 The Leprechaun from Brooklyn
[by S. David][art by Jennifer Delilah]

If you want to
If you are derived
So you can recognize
So you search
Yeah they made
The journey for sure
The great Potato
Famine for some
They left too
There was
More room here
More room to
But one
He had ties
Strong ones
And there were
To do right by him
So he stayed
Even as
The population
He stayed
Here alone
And did not
Play with pots
No rainbows
Leaves town
Once in a while
Still he comes back
But when he goes
He’s known as
The leprechaun
From Brooklyn

36§ [Orig 6/10/11]http://jenniferdelilah.com/home.html

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