Monday, April 6, 2009


Me, Talking to Myself in a Ray of Light
[by S. David] [art by Richard Gins]

It finally happened
To me too.
Too many of my friends
This way already,
Now, it reached me too,
For I just can’t seem
To find someone with
A willing ear,
I mean someone, female, new.
The guys have heard it, know it,
Live it themselves, yeah, they’re
Doing it too, so they say.
It was a cloudy, funky
Kind of day,
I was standing outside,
Trying to figure it out,
Talk myself through,
Out loud, it seems.
Finally made some decisions
Well, the Gods must have
Approved, the clouds
Parted a space and
If anyone had come along,
They’d have seen
Me, talking to myself
In a ray of light.

30§ [Orig 6/28/03] OR

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