Thursday, January 7, 2010


Incantation [1]
[by S. David] [art by Daniel Victor]

Aye, they’re witches
Young ones, I could tell,
Their bodies firm,
Juicy, worth dwelling
On, even in, if you’re
One such as I. They
Came that night to
The forest to work
An incantation, deep
Spells to call forth
A denizen of the
Seventh Plane, why?
I was not sure for
A time, but I did
Observe the beginning
Workings, almost
From the start. Naturally,
It was after the very
First spell when they
Undressed and brought
Up the green mist
That I became aware
That they were there,
Trespassing on my land.
At their third spell, I
Took control, took control
Of them and rode
Each one hard and
Long until their bodies
Could orgasm no longer.
In turn, I let each
One rest then took
Them again. They should
Learn to ask an Unseleighe
Lord before they attempt
To use his land.

36§ [Orig 02/09/05]

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