Saturday, December 26, 2009


[by S. David] [art by Anna Ravliuc]

Doorway between
Two dimensions
Two realities
More like between
Fantasy and
But the Veil
Was thin
And exploding
Into another
As if
The door way
Was a womb
Full formed
They left
They entered
Snorting in
The new air
Their like
Only stories
From myth
And legend
And one by one
The herd came to
Looked into
An artist’s
An artist’s
Forest retreat
Then with neighs
And a flashing
Of tails
The unicorns
Trotted off

36§ [Orig 5/26/09]

1 comment:

  1. Hello!This poem is so beautiful! Full of dreams & leading you to a peaceful place!!!I really enjoy reading it!!!
    I add your blog in the blog list of my art blog. Here is the address: and the official website of my new paintings collection, which is a tribute to the Pre-Raphaelites Brotherhood is:
    I hope my new paintings will inspire you as my old one! Best wishes from Spain-Almeriane