Monday, February 2, 2009


Arba Nikhnesu
[by S. David] [art by Shoshana Brombacher]

Many lifetimes
Many identities,
Bodies and
This soul
Has traveled
Across dimensions,
Realities, worlds
And soared
Through many
Strange skies,
Lived in depths
And on surfaces
Of many worlds,
And each life
I became,
I limited myself
To its bounds.
Humans are
Interesting though,
For some and
Others for a while,
They may cross
Some of the lines,
Pass through the
Veils and even
Dance on the Spiral
One time
I was a Jew,
A good Jew,
A Rabbi even,
One to whom
The Gates of
Paradise opened.
Three others
Ascended with me
One, whose soul
Was too weak,
Sent his current
Mind into insanity.
Another, renewed,
Wanted to stay
And let his body die.
The third became
Still more wise
And returned in
Peace. And I,
I saw and
I came back
To preach a
Different Path
And for this,
They call me,

56§ [Orig 07/01/04]

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