Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The Kiss of the Snake
[by S. David] [art by Chris Bleicher]

It was damaged
No longer paradise
But then it never was
This was Eden
After The Fall
You remember ’The Fall’
Eve made it with
The snake
Ate the fruit
What she’d done
How she now was
Inveigled Adam
Did him too
Left him
To dally again
With the snake
God caught Adam
Caught Eve too
Snared the snake
Punished them all
The snake
Worst of all
Told him to crawl
Made his kiss
Fatal then gave
The Devil free run
So unfair
So very unfair
Unjust too for
God being God knew
Ahead of time
In advance
Unless He was
Just phonying
An excuse

36§ [Orig 12/22/07]

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